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The General Editor of Philosophical Films is happy to respond to queries. Before writing, though, please check the following:

  • College Essay Questions: We do not have the staff available to answer e-mail from students asking us for research advice or for help with answering essay questions assigned in college philosophy classes or for information on the correct format for citing our articles.

  • Missing Film Titles: We are aware that Philosophical Films is currently missing entries on important movies and hope to fill the gaps in the years ahead. If you are a qualified author, please see our guidelines for submitting articles.

  • Links to Your Site: Philosophical Films limits links to off-site web pages and so we must decline requests to include such external links. If you wish to link your page to our site, feel free to do so. However, you may not take material from our site and post it on your site.

E-mail the General Editor only if you have read the above.
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